We have not been idle at CSB!  But we have been slack in posting here that’s for true!

The Silly Season Braggot is still aging away, and will be for a while.  No worries on that one.   And also as mentioned previously I did an Orange Blossom BOMM style mead with video start to finish, which you can find here: Making Mead in 1 Month – Day 1 to Drinking – BOMM (YouTube)

I’ve also started brewed up the Yooper’s Oatmeal Stout, and bottled it, and I’ve also brewed up Sasquatch Ginger Beer, which will be getting bottled in the next week or so as well.  All in preparations for our annual crawfish boil here at CSB!

Other mead I have going on are a prickly pear melomel, cranberry traditional (cranberry honey, no fruit included.) We also have an orange blossom BOMM with orange, cinnamon and star anise in it.  This one was thought up and asked for by my Beautiful Bride, so we are working on it together.

Other ones still on the go are the Rye/Barleywine Braggot which still needs a name.  It’s tasting real good, but will put it back on some oak that has some cherry brandy along with it for several more months.  Also, need to figure out how to carbonate this bad boy, as it would be quite good with a small amount of carbonation.

Other things on the go are working on plans for various upgrades and reorganization of the brewery areas.  But of course that’s always an ongoing thing!

And one last thing… Still need a new logo/brand figure!  If anyone is reading this and can draw, and doesn’t mind being paid in home brew, give me a shout (on the Contact Us page) and we can try to work something out!

Cheers all!
— Steve

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