Meadology is the YouTube series I came up with to try to help and explain the different aspects that go into making mead.

It was originally a 9 week project, where in week one we made a Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead and in week nine, we drank that exact same mead, showing you only need eight to nine weeks to make a tasty mead.

Week One: Syllabus, Sanitation and Making a Mead

Week Two: Honey and Week One Maintenance of Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

Week Three: Yeast! What a Bunch of Fungi!

Week Four: Dihydrogen Monoxide (Water)

Week Five: Flavouring Your Mead

Week Six: Oxygen, Degassing and Flavouring Revisited

Week Seven: YAN and SNA (Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen & Staggered Nutrient Additions)

Week Eight: Problems and Troubleshooting

Week Nine: Q&A and Drinking Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

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