Congratulations Grant Baker for winning this years CS Mead Challenge again! 
Great job to you and the other challengers! 


Welcome to the Third Annual Canadian Sasquatch Mead Challenge!

After two fun years of doing this, we HAD to do this at least one more year!

Please note: Although this is labeled as a challenge, it’s meant as a learning experience. With a winner.   We do these challenges to learn more about what we do.  And to get feed back from people that do what we do so that we can improve on what we do.  But, although we are learning stuff, humans like to be competitive (Squatches don’t care one way or another, we just want to eat n drink) so we make it a challenge.  If you want to be a part of the challenge, you need to be able to take AND give constructive criticism about each mead you try, so that we can learn and become better mead makers.

This year’s challenge: Make a Melomel! (veggies included)

Last year was chocolate and that was… Hard. Not going to kid any one.  That was hard and everyone did awesome last year.  The year before? Traditional.  Not as hard as chocolate, but still, not easy to do in one year.  This year, we are going lazy, errr, easy!  That way we have plenty of time to work it out, figure out what we want and make it happen easily!

Once again, we will cap this at 20 people.  This is simply to limit the amount of mead that people have to make since it can be very pricy depending on, well, everything.   With a 20 person cap, that means you only need to make a 3 gallon (12 liter) batch.  That will allow for sediment loss, and if we hit 20 people, then you will still get to keep some of your own mead for aging, as we all know it gets better with age!

Sign Up Here!

This contest is a long one! One year long! Yes. One. Year. (That means things NEED to be sent BEFORE October November 1, 2017.)  So. Sign up! Even if you are completely unsure about it.  Sign up!  Yes, there is a 20 person limit.  But, if 30 people sign up, and in one year 11 people drop out for what ever reason, we will still be 1 person short of the max. That means, SIGN UP!

With that.

Melomel.  Fruit mead.  Honey. Water. Yeast. Fruit. Go!   Yup. It’s that simple! Told you. Easy this year.

Let’s get down to the needs to know!

  1. It’s a melomel! That means fruit (or veggie, I’m cool with that)
  2. 20 person limit, but sign up! First 20 people that are valid on September 1, 2017 are valid.
  3. A valid person is someone that has confirmed that they are in the challenge before September 1, 2017, by paying the entry fee (See #4)
  4. There is a $15 USD minimum per entry fee (PayPal only.)  CS is not in it for the money, just wants help covering shipping, especially internationally from the US.  If you can afford more than $15, that is appreciated, if you cannot, that is not a problem.  Just send something extra in your package that is homebrewed or local commercial brew then (=
  5. Bottled in a 12oz or 355ml (minimum) bottles  So, standard capped bottles, either glass or PET are good. (NO CORKS!)
  6. Properly labeled! (Needed for scoring this year!)
  7. Has to be shipped before October November 1st, 2017.
  8. Larmo 22 Rule: You can have a maximum of 2 entries, and must pay the entry fee for each entry.
  9. NEW RULE: You need to review at least 80% of the meads, else you will be DQ’d
  10. NEW RULE: If you ship late, you will be DQ’d and nothing will be forwarded or returned.

What needs to be on the label:

  1. Your name, so we know who to score for.
  2. It’s a melomel.  Let us know what the fruit or veggie is!
  3. Honey! It’s not a mead with out honey.  What kind of honey did you use.  This can make a huge change in the flavours, so please let us know what you used.
  4. Other ingredients? What other ingredients did you use with the honey and fruit?  Let us know so we can identify it!
  5. We need to know the ABV.  Please let us know what that is.  If you don’t know, let me know, and I can help you figure it out. Or watch my YouTube video on Spirit Indication Testing
  6. Random – Anything else you think we should know about your mead.
  7. Yeast – It would be nice to know which yeast you used as well.

Scoring has a slight change this year to include a Label score.  This is simply to encourage people to put all the required information on the label.  Remember we are doing this 1) To have fun. 2) To learn more about meads and the ingredients that are used in them. So we want to know what is in there.

  1. Label — Does the label have all the correct information?   (1 point)
  2. Aroma — The aroma of the mead (5 points)
  3. Appearance — The look of the mead (5 points)
  4. Flavour — The flavour of the mead (5 points)
  5. Overall Impression — Your overall impression of the mead (5 points)

2016-10-01 — Official Start of 3rd Annual CS Mead Challenge.
2017-08-31 — Registration Closes.
2017-10-01 — Poking everyone to see who is still in the challenge.
2017-10-30 — Has to be shipped by today.  Anything later, not qualified.
2017-12-30 — All scores entered.
2018-01-01 — Winners announced.

Mead Challenge Results:

7th — 72pts – Gary Fortin
6th — 82pts – Paulie Detmurds
5th — 89pts – Mary Porr
4th — 90pts – Kevin Clements
3rd — 98pts – Stephen Porr
2nd — 108pts – Steve Mertz
1st — 110pts — Grant Baker

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