In 2014, I sent a call out to YouTube BrewTubers, to see if anyone wanted to partake in a Traditional Mead Challenge.  I had quite a few responses, but only 5 of us saw it through to the end, as it was a 1 year challenge to make a single honey traditional mead.

In alphabetical order (of their YouTube channel) they are:

And the scoring was:

6th Place: Larry’s Golden Rod with 28 points (with 1 score sheet.)
5th Place: David’s with 31 points (with 4 score sheets.)
4th Place: Paul’s with 31.33 points (with 3 score sheets.)
3rd Place: Grant’s with 31.5 points (with 4 score sheets.)
2nd Place: Larry’s Buckwheat with 32.33 (with 3 score sheets)
1st Place: Steve’s with 33 points (with 4 score sheets) [And it wasn’t rigged! Honest!]

Link to the video of the winner announcement.


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