Mission Statement: To challenge each other to further our collective knowledge of making better mead and sharing them with each other.

Simply put, we want to make better mead, we want others to make better mead.  The best way to do that is to make more mead and share with others so they can taste and enjoy the mead we have made and give feedback on what they think could improve on what they are enjoying.

Similar to how the SJPorr Challenge came about, and loosely modeled how they do things, we came up with doing the CSB Mead Challenge.

In 2014 we started and there were five of us in the Challenge from three different countries: United States, Whales and New Zealand.  Since then we have continued to be an international challenge where we continue to have people from around the world joining in.

We hope to continue to move this challenge forward and grow it to reach more and more people with the wonders of mead!

The years of the challenges:

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