Why yes, there have been some brewing going on!

Started the year off with a Silly Season Braggot.   But, wait! It’s January, Silly Season is over!   I’m prepparing for the next Silly Season!  That’s some planning ahead now!  Basically this will be a winter warmer braggot, that’s pretty high in ABV (accidentally stupid high again, I need to work on that!) And it will have the typical Silly Season spices in it, making it quite tasty and warming for those cold days and nights.

Next up, I did up a mead, using orange blossom honey, in the BOMM style.  I’m actually videoing every step of this one for posting up once it’s completely finished.  Hopefully it will be up first week of February, if not, then that means it’s taking a bit longer for it to get to bottling stage, but either way, when it’s done, the video will be up.

Then started just last night, my Beautiful Bride wanted to do a JAOM with some star anise, and so we are doing that, but with the BOMM yeast.  We shall see how that goes!

Trying to take better notes along the way as I do these, so I can reproduce them as need be, and help teach others the importance of good note taking, so you don’t end up with carboys full of “I wonder what this is?” like I did last month as I was bottling them up.

And there you go… Things have started!  I’m also reworking this site so I can have more notes and such on my brewings in one location.  We shall see how well that goes since I’m pretty horrible at this blogging stuff as you call can see!

Cheers for now!

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