Sasquatch’s Red Headed Step Child.

The Yeti, usually found in the Himalayans, is a distant relative, sort of.  More of a step child really as they are different.  So, when a Squatch and a Yeti merged in a marriage, the child came forth with bright red hair. And we all know about Red Headed Step Childs… Which is this here Yeti…


And as he’s the step child, and has had a bad hair colouring experience, he’s pretty cranky.

Batch Number: 003
Style: Belgium Wit with Cherries
OG: 1.062
ABV: 7.33%
Est Calories (12oz): 195
IBU: 9
Colour: Reddish
Bottled: 2013/10/26
Bottled in 12oz only.

Serving Temp: 40-45F (4-7C)
Serving Glass: Bavarian Weizen Glass

Ingredients: Bavarian Wheat DME, Golden Light DME, Haujilla Honey, Tart Cherries, and Hallertau Mittelfruh Hops

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