Rye/Barleywine Braggot… How can you mess this up?! It’s simple!  You don’t get the abv like you were hoping!  You don’t get the cherry and oak flavours you were hoping! And well, it may or may not be carbonated, depending on when you drink it.  If it’s not carbonated after 2 years in the bottle, then, it’s a definitely fail! Grrrr!

Also, when you forget to write in all the info on the label, and don’t realize until after they are all printed! Grrr!  Let me know what you find missing on the label and you can get a bottle!

Angry Squatch - RB - Braggot


Style: Braggot
ABV: 14.0%
IBU: 37
Calories: 435 per 187ml bottle
Start Date: 2014-10-04
Bottle Date: 2015-05-02
Bottle Types: 187ml, 12oz

Serving Temp: 55F (13C)
Serving Glass: Snifter

Ingredients: Haujilla honey, Rye, Barley, Crystal 30, Cara-Foam, Meladoidin, Special B, Target & Bramling Cross Hops, Oak, Cherries, Torres 10 Brandy.

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