When a beer gets messed up during the making of it; that makes Squatch Angry!  The Cherry Buster is the first of the Angry Squatch series.  Why did this beer make Squatch Angry? He added cherry juice to the beer before tasting it.  It was damn good before the cherry juice was added (a sample was pulled before adding the juice, but not tasted until after the juice was added to the rest of the beer.)  And well, the cherry juice made it less tasty.  It’s still a good beer, just not as good as it was before the cherry juice, and this makes Squatch Angry!

Angry Squatch - Cherry Buster


Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 12.5%
IBU: 77
Colour: Black with red highlights.
Bottled: 2014/10/04
Best After: 2015/10/04
Bottled in 12oz bottles only

Serving Temp: 55F (13C)
Serving Glass: Snifter

Ingredients: Marris Otter, Cherry Juice, Cocoa Nibs, Red Wheat, Flaked Oats, Crystal 120, Crystal 40, Chocolate Malt, Black Patent Malt, Nugget Hops.

Untappd Here: Angry Squatch: The Cherry Buster

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