Holy cow it’s been a while!

Hey Gang! It has definitely been a while since there was any real updates here! So long that some of you have even tried to send a message through the contact us form, and those never got through for some reason. That has now been fixed! Everything is back up and running here correctly, and […]

Mead Challenges!

Holy crap! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here!  But things have been busy!   We have the results in for the 2014/2015 CSB Mead Challenge HERE! On top of that we have started the 2015/2016 CSB Mead Challenge with all the info and registration blah blah blah HERE! So go ahead! Sign up for […]


We have not been idle at CSB!  But we have been slack in posting here that’s for true! The Silly Season Braggot is still aging away, and will be for a while.  No worries on that one.   And also as mentioned previously I did an Orange Blossom BOMM style mead with video start to finish, […]

Brewings have started in 2015!

Why yes, there have been some brewing going on! Started the year off with a Silly Season Braggot.   But, wait! It’s January, Silly Season is over!   I’m prepparing for the next Silly Season!  That’s some planning ahead now!  Basically this will be a winter warmer braggot, that’s pretty high in ABV (accidentally stupid high again, […]

2015 already?!

Holy crap! It’s 2015! I’ve not posted on here in a year.  Although, I have uploaded some beers as they have been brewed.  Now I’m thinking I need to blog more here as well.  Get more stuff happening for 2015. One of the reasons I’m thinking this is my records are crap.  I spent the […]

2014 – Updates!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here, but brewing has been happening and equipment has been being built and bought! Right now, we currently have Austin Homebrew Supply’s White Christmas White Stout about to be ready to drink.  It’s been in the bottle for a couple of weeks now and it’s carbing up nicely. […]

Happy Home Brew Wednesday!

Happy Home Brew Wednesday! And as it is HBW, I’ve done my first HBW Video up on YouTube.  As sucky as YouTube is now that it’s been integrated into Google+ now, I’ve still managed to do a video! Here it is: Home Brew Wednesday #001 Enjoy!  

Bottling Day!

Today we bottled two batches.  The Red Headed Yeti and Honey the Porter. Tasting them both, they were amazing.  Since they are going to be bottled conditioned, it will be a couple of weeks before they are ready to go, but even flat they were pretty amazing! Can’t wait!

Brewing is happening again!

This past Saturday and Tuesday I brewed up a couple five gallon batches.  I need to get better at this and put their info up on this site, since that’s why it’s here! The one I brewed on Saturday is a Cherry Wit.  I’m looking forward to seeing how that turns out.  The second one […]

Slowly and surely…

Was suppose to have more done here sooner, but other things took over (as they always seem to do.)  But I’m getting back to this and hopefully will have more stuff on here soon. Until then, Enjoy!