Holy crap! It’s 2015!

I’ve not posted on here in a year.  Although, I have uploaded some beers as they have been brewed.  Now I’m thinking I need to blog more here as well.  Get more stuff happening for 2015.

One of the reasons I’m thinking this is my records are crap.  I spent the Christmas/New Years/Silly Season bottling stuff, and realized that some of it, I have no idea what it was, when it was brewed or anything. As such, I do need to try to keep much better notes on my brews so that I know what things are (I think two of them were cysers, but I’m not 100% on one of those!) and better details on how they were brewed so that I can brew them again if they were something worth brewing again.

I’m going to start posting more about my meads, cysers and wines on here as well.  A single place for all my brewing and tasty beverage making.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more info here!  I will be stacking it up! (I Hope!)

— Steve

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